“I purchased a home in Durango, CO from Mr. Griwatz in October 2008. Mr. Griwatz was not only the general contractor but performed much of the work himself. I also negotiated the purchase of the home directly with Mr. Griwatz. He was honest, maintained integrity throughout the transaction and in short, it was a pleasure to conduct business with him. We have now lived in the home for almost six months and could not be happier with all aspects of the home.”
Keith Brant,
“I am pleased to say that our dealing with Mr. Griwatz was always positive. He was diligent, honest, showed excellent construction and banking knowledge. I have had the pleasure to visit and see several homes he built in Durango Colorado. All the homes were built with Mr. Griwatz acting as the general contractor and performing some of trade work himself. All the homes were built to high standards and the quality of work is evident. Mr. Griwatz developed a good reputation in the community as a hardworking upright and good citizen of the community.”
David Fallace,
“I have known Bernhard Griwatz for approximately 5 years. During this time, I have gotten to know him on both a professional level, as well as a personal level. I can attest to the fact that he is a true craftsman in carpentry as well as General Contracting. Bernhard has established a highly respected name in Durango, Colorado.
I have reviewed all phases of construction on two homes that Bernhard served as the General Contractor. These homes had appraisal values between $500,000 and $700,000. The construction was organized, well laid out, and was coordinated better than any other home construction project I have witnessed. I also know the occupants who live in these homes and have heard nothing but praise from them regarding Bernhard’s work.
Bernhard has impeccable communication skills with his Owners, Architects and Engineers. These skills assure his projects are built to meet or exceed the Owner’s expectations; focusing on schedule, budget, quality control, code compliance and ensuring no corners are cut. Bernhard approaches his projects as though he will be the end user. He understands the value of minimizing risks, exposure and liabilities for all parties involved.
Bernhard is well versed In all aspects of construction including structural soil properties, concrete, structural framing, finishes and code and inspector compliance.
My qualifications in making the above statements include a Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Science and Management and 18 years of experience in the construction industry. I am a Project Manager and have experience in managing commercial construction projects in excess of $30 million dollars.”
Matt Aupperle,